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お名前(企業名)   Hiwork
募集内容   求人
職種   Electronics Engineer [Inexperienced welcome, Tokyo]
住所(勤務地)   Tokyo, Japan
コメント   Position name: Electronics engineer (Inexperienced welcome)
Work location: Tokyo, Japan
Employment Type: Full-time
Department: IT system
Working hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Job description:
The workplace is the development and design department centered on mechanical design.
● Design of various automobile parts
・ A / T / CVT element development / functional parts design / new product design
・ Race engine and vehicle development
・ Design of composite parts for aviation engines
・ Next generation Mechanical design of rocket pump
・ Structural design of train control devices

Job requirements:
・ Graduated from electrical, information, and control departments
・ Japanese level N3 or above.

Annual salary: 3 million to 5 million yen
Pay raise: Twice a year
Bonus : Twice a year

・ Full commuting allowance
・ Family allowance
・ Overtime allowance
・ Housing allowance
・ Performance-related qualification allowance
・ Social insurance such as job title allowance, single transfer allowance, single residence allowance, homecoming allowance etc.
・ Dormitory / company housing system available
・ Qualification incentive
・ Self-study financial support
・ Congratulations and condolences ex gratia payment, Property accumulation savings system, retirement allowance system, group insurance, mutual aid association etc.

Holidays: Annually 122 days.
Weekends, public holidays, Paid leave, Prenatal and postnatal leave, Childcare leave, Condolence leave, etc.

Application Method:
Please apply from the site below (registration required)
Please send us your update English & Japanese resumes at: recruit@b-causebd.com
掲載日   2020-10-02
[前の募集] ■ 業務内容オペレーター手元、建物解体、撤去工事、その他業務に付帯する業務■ 給与(資格、経験を考慮)・13,000円から(危険手当含む)、その他各種手当■ 待遇・交通費要相談・宿舎なし■予定工期8月盆明け〜1年■勤務地福島県富岡町■ 勤務形態月〜金8:00〜17:00■休日土日祝、GW、年末年始■ 応募条件挨拶、連絡のやり・・・

[次の募集] Position: Electronic Engineer (Experienced and inexperienced both)Location: Tokyo, JapanEmployment Type: Full-timeWorking hours: 9:00-18:00Job requirements:[Experienced person (early 20's to late 40's)]・ Japanese level N3 or above.・ 20s / Experienced in circuit design, production tech・・・