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お名前(企業名)   b-cause., inc.
募集内容   求人
職種   HR Executive at a Catering Company
住所(勤務地)   Tokyo
コメント   Job location: Tokyo, Japan
Nearest Station: Shinjuku Goyen station
Department: HR
Estimated Trip Frequency: Several Times a year.
Employment status: Regular Employee.
[Philippines people will get preference]

Specific Work Content:
• For Recruiting Assistance General Foreigner Workers.
• Recruiting and Training Foreign Part-Time Workers from Many Different Cultural Backgrounds.
• Preparing English Manuals Necessary For Their Training.
• Providing Counseling’s And Mental Support From Time To Time.

Pre-requisite: (Basic Qualification)
• Japanese: Conversational Level.
• Tagalog: Native level.
• English: Conversational Level.
[Preferable Condition]
• Work experience in HR field or the related area
• Work experience in restaurants.

Work Experiences:
• Experience in society only in home country
• Full-time and contract employee experience in Japan

Salary: Monthly 220,000 yen ~ (Plus Bonus)

Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00

Holidays: Weekends and national holidays, 110 Holidays in total annually.

• Welfare Paid leave (10 days a year)
• Maternity leave,
• Childcare leave
• Social Insurance
• Transport Expenses are fully covered.
[How to Apply] Please send your updated resume at the following e-mail address:
掲載日   2018-05-31
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