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お名前(企業名)   b-cause., inc.
募集内容   求人
職種   Sales Executive for HR Business
住所(勤務地)   Tokyo
コメント   Wanted: [Tokyo] Position: Sales Executive
Contract Type: Regular Employee,

Place of work: Tokyo, Japan

Specific business content: Those who want to grow in a bright workplace are welcome.
1. New corporate cultivation
2. Hearing management issues
3. Provide solutions (recruitment or other services)
4. Creation of job offer slips
5 Target Selection
6. Candidate’s recommendation / selection coordination
7. Follow up to joining the company
8. Drafting a new project
9. Internal business improvement

Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00
Holidays: Complete weekly holidays (Saturday, Sunday) Holiday.

Salary: Annual income: 3.5 - 6 million yen (incentive system available).

- Starting from 270,000 yen / 360,000 yen / month
Depends on experience and ability

Eligibility: 【Prerequisite】
1) Bachelor's degree or higher (4 years system)
2) Over 1 year experience in social workers.

【Possible conditions】
- Experience of work requiring negotiation with customers such as sales, hospitality, sales etc (entry examples: financial sales, real estate sales, logistics sales, apparel sales etc.)

■ Personality desired
- Those who can work positively, brightly
- Ability to act on results
- Insight and interpersonal susceptibility.

- What is more important than anything is a passionate person who can strongly agree with our company's future (vision), idea (philosophy). Those who can feel strong potential in our future and can participate and create themselves.

How to Apply - Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:


掲載日   2018-04-27
[前の募集] 1. Contract type: Regular Employee,2. Place of work: Tokyo, Minato-ward3. Responsibility:- Proofreading of patent related documents translated from Japanese to English. - Cross-checking of documents against original Japanese documents.4. Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 17: 305. Holidays: Saturdays, Sunda・・・

[次の募集] Specific Work Content:Involves price negotiations with overseas suppliers, payment adjustment, and delivery to domestic manufacturers. Frequency of Business Trip to Asia, Europe.After joining our company, we will teach you about the trade practice, the industry and our products.Employment Status:・・・